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University of Bristol
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Founded in 1872, and receiving its Royal Charter in 1909, the University has had plenty of time to build and maintain its strong reputation as a teaching and research institution. Spread across six different faculties, at Bristol we have a wide ranging selection of study programmes at various levels, which attract some of the highest calibre students from around the world and The University of Bristol has an international reputation for excellence in research in many different academic areas. Competition for places is very healthy.

At Bristol we have students and staff from well over 120 countries who contribute strongly to the international feel of the institution. The cosmopolitan nature of the University is mirrored in the city too, with its restaurants, food shops, cultural societies and festivals all stemming from a large, permanently resident and highly participative international community.

The University, and many of its halls of residence are located within historic central Bristol. The University's sports grounds and Stoke Bishop halls of residence are in a beautiful, green and highly desirable residential district.

Source: University website