Hands On Education Consultants [แฮนด์ส ออน เอดูเคชั่น คอนซัลแทนต์] เรียนต่อมหาวิทยาลัยชั้นนำในอังกฤษ
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Hands-On Education Consultant

ands On Education Consultants has been helping Thai students study at UK universities for the past ten years. In that time, we have helped well over 3000 students study on degree-level programmes at more than 85 partner universities including the top ranked in the UK.

In 2014, we have merged our operations with Hamilton International. This has allowed us to build Hamilton’s 27 years of experience and expand our office locations all around Bangkok to better serve our customers. Hands On now has five locations across Bangkok and in Chiang Mai.

SILOM   -    CHIDLOM   -    PINKLAO   -    RAMA 2   -    CHIANG MAI

Managing Director: Pieter

General Manager: P'Ton or P'Tony

University Counsellors & Counselling Staff: P'Nam - P'Nat - P'Nui - P'Tu - P'Great - P'Toon - P'Hack - P'Nhui - P'Meena - P'Cherry

English Language Counsellors: P'Oh - P'Earn

Tel: +66 (0)2 635 5230, +66 (0)2 635 5235-7, +66 (0)2 631 0124, +66 (0)2 631 1014
Fax: +66 (0)2 635 5231
Emergency contact: +66(0)81 819 6637
Email: info@hands-on.co.th
Email: info@hands-onconsultants.com

For more information, please contact us

Branch Manager: P' Pui

University Counsellors & Counselling Staff: P'Aei - P'Gig - P'Beau - P'Nok

Tel: +66 (0)2-652-0718-20
Fax: (02)-652-0721
Email: chidlom@hands-on.co.th

For more information, please contact us

Branch Manager: P' Kob

University Counsellors & Counselling Staff: P'Bee - P'Pae

Tel: +66 (0)2-884-5328-9
Fax: (02)-884-5929
Email: pinklao@hands-on.co.th

For more information, please contact us

Branch Manager: P' Otto

University Counsellors & Counselling Staff: P'Ploy

Tel: +66 (0)2-896-1445-6
Fax: (02)-896-1447
Email: rama2@hands-on.co.th

For more information, please contact us

Branch Manager: P' Bom

Mobile: +66 (0)89 217 5454
Tel: +66 (0)53 289 114
Fax: +66 (0)53 289 114
Email: chiangmai@hands-on.co.th

For more information, please contact us
P'Aei P'Gig P'Pui P'Nok P'Ploy P'Otto P'Bom P'Pae P'Kob P'Bee P'Great P'Toon P'Meena P'Nui P'Cherry P'Nat P'Tu P'Earn P'Oh P'Hack P'Nhui P'Nam